“For Peace and Friendship”

Imagine a world in which youth unite amongst each other to stand for something bigger than themselves. Imagine them forming a unifying front against pressing political issues such as nuclear weapons, aggressive imperialist acts, and social justice. Well, look no further than the International Youth Festival, or World Festival of Youth and Students. In 1957,... Continue Reading →


“My darling, where did you go?”

It is no secret that the nature of war can change a person, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is also no secret that a society is rarely ever fully ready nor capable to accommodate for the men and women who return from the front lines. The USSR was no exception to this assumption, as their... Continue Reading →

“United and Mighty”

A national anthem is generally used by a state to evoke patriotism by acclaiming the traditions, history, and struggles of its people. Anthems are generally solemn in nature and they depict the national identity of the country that it was adopted by. National Anthems are unifying factors in a society because they highlight what brings... Continue Reading →

The unbiased eye of technology…

Film, in many ways, served as an impetus for the revolutionary ideals the newly formed Soviet State desired to uphold. Cinema was used to unite even the most rural of Russian citizens with the rest of the country. Activists road out into the country with film reels and screens, prepared to spread the word of... Continue Reading →

“I Will Walk About in Freedom…”

In the tsarist government of Russia during the late 1800s, an exceptional value was placed on the importance of illustrating history and required artists to do the same. The Peredvizhniki, or wanderers, believed that the supremacy of history did not belong in the construction of the contemporary Russian identity, which is why they refused to... Continue Reading →

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